Remember, Support & Honor

It’s that time of year when most Americans; even many people around the world, feel a hole in their hearts.  I am obviously talking about the tragedy of 9/11/2001 – it is important to remember… remember, support & honor.  I am writing this, doing my best to keep my personal emotions under control; it feels as raw as it happened yesterday.  It was a day that hatred showed it’s ugly face to all by killing innocence & making everyone; specially the children, feel very vulnerable.  Many of us lost family members, friends, co-workers & all of lost heroes – Never Forget.

Hole in our Heart1

So what are you doing; or what have you done to honor the lives lost, sacrifices made & to support the healing of everyone this year?  Are you being supportive of someone who lost a family member or are you helping  people in your community & country heal by participating now & every day, in doing what you can to make their lives, your life & everyone’s life better?  Are you attending events that support all of us & the memory of what happened that day?  I am sure we all remember exactly where we were the moment we heard & tried to comprehend what was happening… do any of you remember the first attack attempted on the World Trade Center?  It was in February of 1993, this year was the 20th anniversary.  This is a reminder that we should always remember, because God forbid something like this ever happens again – anywhere.

As we have posted previously on our Events page, Facebook page & other social media outlets; there are/were many local events to participate in the memory of this horrible tragedy.  Whatever it is that helps you to remember, heal & not allow horrifying terrorism happen again – do it, feel it, heal it & prevent it.  Please share your comments with us on how you deal with the pain, help those directly affected by the event or what you are doing to prevent this kind of tragedy from recurring.

Thank you & God Bless.

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