Coming Soon to Joe’s Pasta House

When you own a business,  you are always making changes whether it is basic upkeep, replacement of products, updating, redecorating, rearranging or just plain bringing in something new.  This is one of those times when we are bringing in something new; it is coming soon & we want to share it with you as we go through the process!


You may notice some changes taking place when you come to dine with us – an addition of a retail area!  We will be introducing Fine Domestic/Imported Foods & Confections.  The selection; that will be available for you to purchase & enjoy at home, will include an eclectic array of pastas, oils, olives, tasty treats & more.  There will be a diverse assortment of brands from which to choose.  We decided to offer this because we know how difficult it can be to find fine Italian products & ingredients here that are more readily available in larger cities, closer to the coastal regions of the United States.  Many of our regulars ask us how they can purchase higher quality goods that just don’t seem to be available here in the grocery stores. So; we are going to bring some of those favorites to you, as well as some really nice products we have come across & use at home ourselves.   Please join us in our excitement as we remodel & bring in something new; for you!

About Joe's Pasta House

Best Italian Restaurant Albuquerque 2013, Best Pasta 2013 & Best Dessert: Tiramisu; as voted on in Albuquerque the Magazine, The Weekly Alibi & Best of Taste of Rio Rancho 2014... Top 5 Italian Restaurant Best of Albuquerque 2014 & 2015 - Best Rio Rancho Restaurant 2015 Alibi; Serving Rio Rancho & Albuquerque, New Mexico area for over 15 years & reviewed as one of the Best Restaurants in New Mexico; Joe's Pasta House proudly shares with you the traditional Italian American cuisine created with immigration recipes taught to Joe while growing up in his grandmother's kitchen. Working in the family bakery, Joe also learned the pastry trade from his father; but his heart remained in grandma's kitchen. Starting out in the restaurant business as dishwasher; Joe worked his way up. After working with many chefs, he started his first business with Dagwood's Restaurant following with Avanti's Pizzeria & Dakota's Catering. Kassie (KC - Joe's wife) started out as server in her teens, working her way up to food & beverage management by her early 20's; both in restaurants & catering. Together Joe & Kassie Guzzardi team up to serve you with over 60 years combined restaurant & catering experience. Whether you choose us for lunch, dinner, take-out, private meeting/banquet room, pick-up or custom catering; it is our joy & pleasure to serve you.

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  1. Ive gone into this location at many times because I love the food but cant help to notice ive never seen a mix of workers, never seen a black person working or and asian or an indian or any other race for that matter besides the obvious, all family right, well in a way arent we all in some way united as family so they say they are bring diversity well come on diversify your minds haha if possible but i guess people cant see whats past their own mixture of things, whats really in the mix, we are all in the mix, all our palates taste the mix. Hahaha these are the times


    • You may have not seen or noticed a mix of workers in the front of the house but we do have a mix of ethnicities that have worked or who are currently working with us. When we interview for positions we base our decisions on qualifications, length of employment at previous jobs, experience & professional self presentation. You are absolutely right, we are all family & all are welcome into our home when they come to our restaurant. As far as guests, our only request is that they dress appropriately – something business casual is good; as far as employees… we accept resumes from all applicants when we are hiring & we schedule interviews with applicants that qualify for the position. When I say qualified, as an example, for our server position – a server applicant must have fine dining experience to be considered for the position – as we always post when hiring for servers. When I was growing up in inner city Toledo, Ohio in the late 60’s & the 70’s were turbulent times as well & I was the minority in my neighborhood (this is KC – Joe’s wife). My mother raised me to embrace diversity; in fact, we fought for equal rights & my family is very ethnically diverse. I would never think of discriminating against anyone for ethnic differences or otherwise. Quite the opposite, I have been known to ask guest to leave our establishment for rudely expressing their vulgar discriminating beliefs. By the way, did you know my husband Joe attended college in Harlem his first year (before moving to NM)? It would be wonderful to see people of all ethnicities do some intensive research before blasting untruths that hurt other people & businesses (our economy really can’t afford anymore jobs lost). It would be great if customers, of any business, talked with business owners about any issues they may have with that business before slandering them publicly & possibly causing undue loss of business, as well as loss of more jobs. All our customers know Joe & I are available to talk, in fact that is why we believe in being hands on in our business, so we can resolve any possible issues on the spot.


  2. We will definitely have to check it out, it’s been too long since we were there.


  3. That sounds really great. I will stop by soon Donna G.



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